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The catch cry online at the moment seems to be blogging. Everyone is doing it. There is a blog for every conceivable topic you can dream up and then many thousands of blogs for the most popular topics. Then too are the many personal blogs just meant for friends and family. What is the driving force behind this blogging craze. Well, some bloggers are making money from it. Some bloggers are making a fortune at it and many are making a comfortable living just blogging. How do they do this and is it worth getting into.Of course there are the obligatory marketing manuals for sale out there that will show you how to make a fortune at blogging and set you up to retire rich if you will just send them some money. Don’t you get sick of all that marketing hype and outrageous claims by these marketers. You can usually find all you want and need for training and learning proposes for free by doing a little searching on Google. There are screeds of free ebooks out there that will teach all you need to know about anything online especially online marketing.As one of these ebooks are written and distributed, they are promoted by hundreds of marketer who have big email lists. Some promote online and even use pay per click advertising to sell these books. The returns are pretty lucrative often up to 75% of the sale because the writer has no more costs. The eBook is deliver electronically and all the sale is pure profit. Thousands of this eBook copy is sold until someone writes the next big seller and the sales drop off as the marketers move to promote the new listing.These promoters are making money from commissions on sales. The writer is making money from sales because when it stops selling or the sale slow down to an unacceptable level he will offer it for free. So what is the catch here. Well, to get a copy for free, which is what we want, we have to provide our email address so the writer or marketer can increase his list of email addresses and send you gazillions of offers every day. That is the only drawback. To get your hands on this free knowledge you have to be prepared to get all these spam emails, however, that need not be a problem if we have our email managed correctly. I just use a gmail account and I can mark each one as spam as it arrives and from then on they all go into the spam folder and I never have to see them.So we have got our free education organized and can soon learn the ins and outs of making money with blogs. If you are prepared to post every day with quality content, do a little basic marketing and have some patience, you can soon build up an income from a blog but not instant riches. A blog is a long term project but can turn into a very lucrative one. So check out WordPress blogs on Google, start your free research and get under way. It will be a fun project for you.