Genuine Relation and Politics

It is inevitable for many people to hold politicians in constant suspect. This is due to the fact that politicians are, most of the time, superficial in dealing with their constituents or with anybody in general. While this view is normal especially for non-politicians, such perception can affect the politicians themselves, especially those that are honorably serving the people. Although there are many politicians that are ego-centric, a much more number of them are there to serve their people as best as possible.Politics is the attempt to balance varied values and opinions to effect collective betterment of the state. People who are adept at playing the political game can effectively gain the support of the people and obtain positions of authority. The sad part of politics dwells on the way people in power maneuver or manipulates others to retain or reach a level of authority. However, it does not mean that you cannot establish genuine friendship if you prefer a more straight forward approach when dealing with people.Since politics is all around us, even in your office politics is an ever present reality. No matter how big or small your office is, you  are constantly in a political situation. The dynamics of politics in an office setting include the ambition of your colleagues, managers, and superiors that all bounced together, which in turn create friction. The interactions of everything in everyone in your workplace composed the totality of the political situation. You need to be aware of this interaction and how to place yourself in their midst if you want to have a better grasp of the situation. Personal relationship in a business setting has an effect when decision is made. It is common to see people going out of their way just to befriend their managers or senior partners. It is never easy to negotiate the tight rope of interpersonal dealings and at the same time trying to maintain a professional distance. The good news is however difficult it is not impossible.  Job security, which many people encounter in their career, is about performance, but also about politics. Totally focusing yourself on performance may isolate yourself from the rest, which can become unproductive if you are aiming the support of your colleagues for promotion. There must a healthy dose of engagement with your officemates as well as proper time to keep a distance from them to attain success in your career. It is always important to maintain a positive attitude towards others while at the same time keeping a professional distance. A good “politician” in the office should let his colleagues know he is fair, but can be ruthless to attain that fairness. You must be warm to everyone at all times. This does not mean that you should be superficial.  Being warm does not mean you are fooling others so you will gain their favor. However, there is nothing wrong with having the necessary awareness that political beings will always seek mutually beneficial cliques and secret pacts. It is just natural to seek assistance whenever you are in a tight situation, whether in political or business circles. Tight situations are perfect opportunities to measure true friendship. Those that stick with you even in situations that are not favorable for them can be your true friends, although in a business scenario, this rarely happens.The same is true in politics. People tend to stick to those with stable political parties or those with strong political standing so be sure to filter them out. An excellent example is election times such as the coming Australian Federal Election. Such events can test the loyalty of friends, especially if their political survival is at stake.

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